6 strokes

exist, outskirts, suburbs, located in



Common words

  • 現在げんざい
    the present, present time, now, as of, present tense, this world, this life, to actually exist, to exist right now, to exist right in front of one
  • 存在そんざい
    existence, being, presence
  • 滞在たいざい
    stay, sojourn
  • 在日ざいにち
    resident in Japan (of a foreigner), situated in Japan (e.g. of an embassy), Zainichi, Zainichi Korean, North or South Korean national with permanent residency in Japan (who came to the country before 1945, or a descendant of such a person)
  • 不在ふざい
    absence, disregard, indifference
  • 駐在ちゅうざい
    residence, stay, (job) posting, being stationed (overseas, etc.), residential police box, residential police box officer
  • 潜在せんざい
    potentiality, dormancy, latency
  • 在学ざいがく
    attending (school, college, etc.), being enrolled, being a student
  • 在留ざいりゅう
    residing (esp. abroad), staying, living
  • 在外ざいがい
    overseas, abroad
  • 所在地しょざいち
    location, address
  • 健在けんざい
    in good health, alive and well, going strong
  • 在籍ざいせき
    being enrolled (at a school), being registered, being a member (of a team, organization, etc.)
  • 実在じつざい
    actual existence, real existence, existing in real life
  • 介在かいざい
    existing (between), interposition, intervention, involvement