8 strokes

droop, suspend, hang, slouch



Common words

  • 垂直すいちょく
    vertical, perpendicular
  • 垂らすたらす
    to dribble, to spill, to suspend, to hang down, to slouch, to dangle
  • 垂れるたれる
    to hang, to droop, to dangle, to sag, to lower, to pull down, to give (e.g. lesson, instruction, scolding) (to someone of lower status), to confer, to grant, to bestow, to drip, to ooze, to trickle, to drop, to leave behind (at death), to say, to utter, to excrete (urine, feces, etc.), to let out (a fart)
  • 懸垂けんすい
    pull-up (exercise), chin-up, chinning, suspension, dangling, hanging