9 strokes

mould, type, model



Common words

  • 大型おおがた
    large, large-sized, large-scale, big
  • 小型こがた
    small-sized, small-scale, miniature, small, little, tiny
  • かた
    type, style, model, pattern, mold, mould, model, pattern, template, impression, kata (set sequence of positions and movements in martial arts), style (in kabuki, noh, etc.), form, convention, tradition, (standard) form, formula, usage, (set) size, inches (in sizes of displays, disks, image sensors, etc.), (taxonomical) form
  • 典型てんけい
    type, pattern, model, epitome, exemplar, archetype, perfect example
  • 模型もけい
    model, dummy, maquette
  • 典型的てんけいてき
    typical, representative, archetypal, quintessential, stereotypical, model
  • 原型げんけい
    prototype, model, pattern, archetypal
  • 血液型けつえきがた
    blood type, blood group
  • 鋳型いがた
    mold, mould, template
  • 類型るいけい
    type, pattern, shape, genre, breed, similar type, similar pattern
  • 体型たいけい
    figure, body shape, build, physique, form, somatotype, biotype, habitus, (type of) physique
  • 紋切り型もんきりがた
    formulaic, stereotyped, hackneyed