11 strokes

tenacious, take hold, grasp, take to heart



Common words

  • 執行しっこう
    execution, carrying out, performance, enforcement, exercise, service, conduct, execution, lead monk performing various tasks in a temple
  • 執筆しっぴつ
    writing, authoring
  • 執行猶予しっこうゆうよ
    stay of execution, suspended sentence
  • 執念しゅうねん
    tenacity, persistence, obsession, implacability
  • 執着しゅうちゃく
    attachment, adhesion, insistence, tenacity, fixation, obsession, clinging (e.g. to old customs)
  • 執るとる
    to take (trouble), to attend (to business), to command (army)
  • 固執こしつ
    sticking to (an opinion, theory, belief, etc.), clinging to, adherence, persistence, insistence