12 strokes

report, news, reward, retribution



Common words

  • 情報じょうほう
    information, news, report, intelligence, information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
  • 報道ほうどう
    report (of news), reporting, news, information, (media) coverage
  • 報告ほうこく
    report, information
  • 報酬ほうしゅう
    remuneration, recompense, reward, toll
  • 予報よほう
    forecast, prediction
  • 警報けいほう
    alarm, warning
  • 報道機関ほうどうきかん
    information media, press, news organs
  • 詳報しょうほう
    detailed report, full report, details, particulars
  • 朗報ろうほう
    good news, happy news, glad tidings
  • ほう
    information, news, report, reward, retribution
  • 報じるほうじる
    to inform, to report, to repay, to return
  • 報知ほうち
    information, news, intelligence
  • 時報じほう
    announcement of time, time signal, news report, newsletter
  • 誤報ごほう
    false report, incorrect report, misinformation, false alarm
  • 報いるむくいる
    to reward, to recompense, to repay, to retaliate, to get revenge
  • 無報酬むほうしゅう
    unpaid, without pay, gratuitous, voluntary
  • 吉報きっぽう
    good news