14 strokes

boundary, border, region



Common words

  • 環境かんきょう
    environment, circumstance
  • 国境こっきょう
    border (between countries), national border
  • 心境しんきょう
    state of mind, mental state, mental attitude
  • さかい
    border, boundary, turning point, watershed, area, region, spot, space, environment, psychological state, mental state, cognitive object, something perceptible by the sense organs or mind
  • 境界きょうかい
    boundary, border, limit, bounds, frontier
  • 苦境くきょう
    difficult situation, adverse circumstances, predicament, trouble, dilemma, distress
  • 境内けいだい
    grounds (esp. of shrines and temples), compound, churchyard, precincts
  • 越境えっきょう
    crossing a border (illegally), border violation, border transgression
  • 境遇きょうぐう
    one's circumstances, environment, situation (in life)
  • 逆境ぎゃっきょう
    adverse circumstances, unfortunate situation, adversity
  • 境目さかいめ
    borderline, boundary
  • 佳境かきょう
    most interesting part (of a story), climax, good part, scenic spot, beautiful place