14 strokes

increase, add, augment, gain, promote



Common words

  • 増加ぞうか
    increase, rise, growth, addition, increment
  • 増税ぞうぜい
    tax increase
  • 増殖ぞうしょく
    increase, multiplication, propagation, proliferation
  • 増大ぞうだい
    enlargement, increase
  • 急増きゅうぞう
    rapid increase, proliferation, surge, explosion
  • 増産ぞうさん
    production increase
  • 増しまし
    better, preferable, less objectionable, least-worst, more, increase, extra, increase, growth
  • 増進ぞうしん
    promoting, increase, advance
  • 水増しみずまし
    dilution, watering down, inflation (of budget, claim, etc.), padding
  • 倍増ばいぞう
    doubling, double
  • 増減ぞうげん
    increase and decrease, fluctuation
  • 日増しにひましに
    day by day
  • 増えるふえる
    to increase, to multiply
  • 増やすふやす
    to increase, to add to, to augment
  • 激増げきぞう
    sharp increase, sudden rise
  • 増刷ぞうさつ
    additional printing (esp. of books, etc.), additional run
  • 増すます
    to increase, to grow