7 strokes




Common words

  • 販売はんばい
    sales, selling, marketing
  • 売り上げうりあげ
    amount sold, sales, proceeds, takings, turnover
  • 売買ばいばい
    trade, buying and selling, trafficking (e.g. of humans, arms, drugs), dealing
  • 発売はつばい
    sale, offering for sale, release (for sale), launch (product)
  • 売却ばいきゃく
    selling off, disposal by sale, sale
  • 売り場うりば
    selling area, counter, section, department, sales floor, favorable time to sell, good time to sell
  • 商売しょうばい
    trade, business, commerce, occupation, calling, profession, job
  • 売れ行きうれゆき
    sales, demand
  • 売り物うりもの
    article for sale, goods for sale, offering, For Sale (on a sign), specialty, selling point
  • 売るうる
    to sell
  • 売春ばいしゅん
  • 安売りやすうり
    bargain sale, selling cheaply, selling at a low price, giving out (too) readily, handing out freely, selling (oneself) short
  • 卸売おろしうり
    wholesale, wholesaling
  • 前売りまえうり
    advance sale, booking
  • 競売きょうばい
  • 小売こうり
  • 密売みつばい
    illicit sale, smuggling, bootlegging, trafficking
  • 売り出すうりだす
    to put on the market, to put out for sale, to put on sale, to begin selling, to market, to become popular
  • 売店ばいてん
    stand, stall, booth, kiosk, store
  • 自動販売機じどうはんばいき
    vending machine