6 strokes

many, frequent, much



Common words

  • 多数たすう
    large number (of), many, majority
  • 多様たよう
    diverse, varied
  • 多角たかく
    many-sided, versatile, polygonal, diversified
  • 多彩たさい
    colourful, colorful, multicoloured, multicolored, varicoloured, varicolored, various, varied, variegated, diverse, a variety of, all kinds of
  • 多少たしょう
    a little, some, somewhat, slightly, to some degree, to some extent, amount, quantity, number
  • 数多くかずおおく
    in great numbers
  • 大多数だいたすう
    great majority
  • 多大ただい
    great (quantity, amount, etc.), huge, enormous, serious
  • 多分たぶん
    perhaps, probably, generous, many, much, great
  • 多量たりょう
    large quantity, large amount
  • 多忙たぼう
    being very busy, busyness
  • 多元的たげんてき
    pluralistic, plural
  • 多湿たしつ
    high humidity
  • 多いおおい
    many, numerous, a lot, large amount of, large quantity of, a lot, much, frequent, common
  • 多才たさい
  • 滅多めった
    thoughtless, reckless, careless, rash, seldom, rare, ordinary, usual, common, excessive, immoderate, extreme
  • 多寡たか
    degree (of something), greatness or smallness (of something), quantity, number, amount, size