3 strokes

large, big



Common words

  • 大蔵省おおくらしょう
    Ministry of Finance (1869-2001), Ministry of the Treasury (under the ritsuryō system)
  • 最大さいだい
    biggest, greatest, largest, maximum
  • 大会たいかい
    mass meeting, convention, rally, conference, assembly, gathering, tournament, competition, contest, meet, grand event
  • 大学だいがく
    university, college, former imperial university of Japan (established under the ritsuryō system for the training of government administrators), the Great Learning (one of the Four Books)
  • 大幅おおはば
    big, large, drastic, substantial, full-width cloth (approx. 72 cm wide for traditional Japanese clothing; approx. 140 cm wide for Western clothing)
  • 大統領だいとうりょう
    president (of a nation), big man, boss, buddy, mate
  • 拡大かくだい
    expansion, extension, magnification, enlargement, escalation, spread
  • 大手おおて
    major company, big company, front castle gate, force attacking the front of a castle
  • 大切たいせつ
    important, significant, serious, crucial, precious, valuable, dear, cherished, beloved, careful
  • 大国たいこく
    large country, major nation, great power, province of the highest rank (ritsuryō system)
  • 大変たいへん
    very, greatly, terribly, awfully, immense, enormous, great, serious, grave, dreadful, terrible, difficult, hard, challenging, major incident, disaster
  • 大使たいし
  • 重大じゅうだい
    serious, important, significant, grave, weighty
  • 大量たいりょう
    large quantity, massive (quantity), mass (e.g. mass production, mass transit, mass destruction)
  • 大使館たいしかん
  • 大人おとな
    adult, grown-up
  • 大臣だいじん
    cabinet minister
  • 大型おおがた
    large, large-sized, large-scale, big
  • 大半たいはん
    majority, more than half, most (of), mostly, largely, mainly, predominately, nearly
  • 大勢おおぜい
    crowd of people, great number of people, in great numbers