4 strokes

heavens, sky, imperial



Common words

  • 天皇てんのう
    Emperor of Japan
  • てん
    sky, heaven, God, svarga (heaven-like realm visited as a stage of death and rebirth), deva (divine being of Buddhism), top (of a book), sole (of a Japanese sandal), beginning, start, tempura, India
  • 天気てんき
    weather, fair weather, fine weather
  • 天皇陛下てんのうへいか
    His Majesty the Emperor
  • 天然てんねん
    nature, spontaneity, natural airhead
  • 天井てんじょう
    ceiling, ceiling price, (price) ceiling
  • 天候てんこう
  • 天国てんごく
    paradise, heaven, Kingdom of Heaven
  • 天才てんさい
    genius, prodigy, natural gift
  • 天下てんか
    the whole world, the whole country, society, the public, supremacy over a nation, government of a country, the ruling power, having one's own way, doing as one pleases, peerless, incomparable, superlative, world-famous, shogun (Edo period)
  • 天使てんし
  • 天体てんたい
    heavenly body, celestial body, astronomical object
  • 天文学てんもんがく
  • 天文台てんもんだい
    astronomical observatory
  • 雨天うてん
    rainy weather
  • 晴天せいてん
    fine weather (i.e. little or no clouds), fair weather, clear weather, clear sky, fair skies
  • 天災てんさい
    natural calamity, disaster
  • 天性てんせい
    nature, natural constitution, innate disposition
  • 天然痘てんねんとう
    smallpox, variola
  • 仰天ぎょうてん
    being amazed, being horrified, being taken aback