5 strokes

lose, error, fault, disadvantage, loss



Common words

  • 失業しつぎょう
    unemployment, losing one's job, becoming unemployed
  • 損失そんしつ
    loss (of assets, profit, etc.)
  • 失敗しっぱい
    failure, mistake, blunder
  • 失ううしなう
    to lose, to miss (a chance, opportunity), to lose (a loved one), to be bereaved of, to concede (goals, points, etc.)
  • 過失かしつ
    accident (caused by negligence), error, blunder, fault, defect
  • 失望しつぼう
    disappointment, despair
  • 喪失そうしつ
    loss, forfeit
  • 失格しっかく
    disqualification, elimination, incapacity, being unfit for one's role, being a failure
  • 失脚しっきゃく
    losing one's position, losing one's standing, downfall, fall (from power), being overthrown
  • 紛失ふんしつ
    loss, going missing
  • 失意しつい
    disappointment, despair, despondency, broken heart, adversity
  • 失墜しっつい
    abasement, fall, forfeiture, sinking (in people's estimation)
  • 失神しっしん
    faint, swoon, losing consciousness
  • 失礼しつれい
    discourtesy, impoliteness, excuse me, goodbye, to leave, to be rude
  • 失恋しつれん
    disappointed love, broken heart, unrequited love, being lovelorn
  • 失敬しっけい
    rudeness, impoliteness, disrespect, impertinence, leaving, going (on one's way), saying goodbye, taking without permission, stealing, pinching, pilfering, my apologies, I must be going now, so long
  • 見失うみうしなう
    to lose sight of, to miss