6 strokes

fond, pleasing, like something



Common words

  • 好調こうちょう
    favourable, favorable, promising, satisfactory, in good shape
  • 友好ゆうこう
  • 格好かっこう
    shape, form, figure, posture, pose, appearance, state, situation, suitable, fit, reasonable, about
  • 絶好ぜっこう
    best, ideal, perfect
  • 大好きだいすき
    liking very much, loving (something or someone), adoring, being very fond of
  • 好みこのみ
    liking, taste, choice
  • 良好りょうこう
    good, fine, excellent, favorable, favourable, satisfactory
  • 好意こうい
    kindness, favor, favour, friendliness, goodwill, affection, liking (for someone), love
  • 好ましいこのましい
    nice, likeable, desirable
  • 好感こうかん
    good feeling, good will, favourable impression, favorable impression
  • 好奇心こうきしん
    curiosity, inquisitiveness
  • 好転こうてん
    changing for the better
  • 好むこのむ
    to like, to prefer
  • 好物こうぶつ
    favourite dish (favorite), favourite food
  • 好き嫌いすききらい
    likes and dislikes, pickiness (about food), choosiness, fussiness, tastes, preferences
  • 好都合こうつごう
    convenient, favorable, favourable, expedient, expedience
  • 好色こうしょく
    lasciviousness, lechery, salaciousness, lust, sensuality, lewdness
  • 物好きものずき
    (idle) curiosity, fancifulness, whimsy, (having) strange tastes