9 strokes

intimidate, dignity, majesty, menace, threaten



Common words

  • 脅威きょうい
    threat, menace
  • 権威けんい
    authority, power, influence, prestige, (an) authority (on), expert
  • 威信いしん
    prestige, dignity
  • 威嚇いかく
    threat, intimidation, menace
  • 威勢いせい
    power, might, authority, influence, spirits, vigor, vigour, energy, boldness
  • 威厳いげん
    dignity, majesty, solemnity, gravity
  • 威張るいばる
    to put on airs, to act big, to throw one's weight about, to be overbearing, to be domineering, to be bossy, to be pushy, to be proud, to be haughty, to be arrogant, to swagger, to boast, to brag