11 strokes

lady, woman, wife, bride



Common words

  • 主婦しゅふ
    housewife, mistress (of the house), homemaker
  • 夫婦ふうふ
    married couple, husband and wife, man and wife
  • 婦人ふじん
    woman, lady, adult female
  • 看護婦かんごふ
    (female) nurse
  • 産婦人科さんふじんか
    maternity and gynaecology department (gynecology), department of obstetrics and gynaecology (gynecology)
  • 妊婦にんぷ
    pregnant woman
  • 助産婦じょさんぷ
  • 老夫婦ろうふうふ
    old couple, elderly couple
  • 婦長ふちょう
    head nurse
  • 妊産婦にんさんぷ
    expectant and nursing mothers
  • 婦女ふじょ
    woman, womankind
  • 裸婦らふ
    nude woman, naked woman
  • 婦女子ふじょし
    women and children, woman, grown woman, wife
  • 寡婦かふ
    widow, divorced woman not remarried, unmarried woman