13 strokes

dislike, detest, hate



Common words

  • いや
    disliking, not wanting, unwilling (to do), reluctant, unpleasant, disagreeable, nasty, horrible, disgusting, undesirable, unwelcome, no!, quit it!, stop!
  • 嫌いきらい
    disliked, hated, disagreeable, tendency, smack (of), touch (of), distinction, discrimination
  • 機嫌きげん
    humour, humor, temper, mood, spirits, safety, health, well-being, one's situation, in a good mood, in high spirits, happy, cheery, merry, chipper
  • 嫌うきらう
    to hate, to dislike, to loathe
  • 嫌疑けんぎ
  • 嫌悪けんお
    disgust, hate, repugnance, loathing
  • 好き嫌いすききらい
    likes and dislikes, pickiness (about food), choosiness, fussiness, tastes, preferences
  • 不機嫌ふきげん
    pout, displeasure, ill humor, ill humour, sullenness
  • 大嫌いだいきらい
    hating, strongly disliking
  • 嫌がるいやがる
    to appear uncomfortable (with), to seem to hate, to express dislike