6 strokes

exist, suppose, be aware of, believe, feel



Common words

  • 存在そんざい
    existence, being, presence
  • 保存ほぞん
    preservation, conservation, storage, maintenance, saving (e.g. to disk)
  • 依存いぞん
    dependence, reliance
  • 生存せいぞん
    existence, being, survival, to exist, to live, to survive
  • 存続そんぞく
    continuance, survival, persistence, retention, duration
  • 共存きょうぞん
  • ご存知ごぞんじ
    knowing, being aware (of), (an) acquaintance
  • 存じるぞんじる
    to know, to be aware (of), to be acquainted (with), to think, to consider, to believe, to feel
  • 思う存分おもうぞんぶん
    to one's heart's content, to one's complete satisfaction, as much as one likes, heartily, thoroughly, without restraint, to the full