8 strokes

determine, fix, establish, decide



Common words

  • 決定けってい
    decision, determination
  • 予定よてい
    plans, arrangement, schedule, program, programme, expectation, estimate
  • 協定きょうてい
    arrangement, pact, agreement
  • 暫定ざんてい
    provisional, temporary, tentative
  • 安定あんてい
    stability, steadiness, consistency, equilibrium, balance, composure, stable
  • 規定きてい
    stipulation, prescription, provision, regulation, rule, normal (unit of normality), compulsory exercise (in gymnastics), compulsory routine, compulsory dance (figure skating), (a) compulsory
  • 特定とくてい
    specific, particular, designated, special, specifying, designating, identifying, pinpointing
  • 一定いってい
    fixed, settled, constant, definite, uniform, regularized, regularised, defined, standardized, standardised, certain, prescribed
  • 定期ていき
    fixed period, fixed term, regular, periodic, periodical, fixed-term commuter pass, fixed-term deposit, futures contracts
  • 指定してい
    designation, specification, assignment, appointment, pointing at
  • 制定せいてい
    enactment, establishment, creation
  • 定員ていいん
    fixed number (of people), prescribed number (of regular personnel, students, etc.), quota, numerical limit, complement, capacity (of a bus, boat, theatre, etc.), seating capacity
  • 設定せってい
    establishment, creation, posing (a problem), setting (movie, novel, etc.), scene, options setting, preference settings, configuration, setup
  • 認定にんてい
    authorization, authorisation, acknowledgment, acknowledgement, certification, recognition
  • 判定はんてい
    judgement, judgment, decision, ruling, finding, adjudication, verdict, call
  • 確定かくてい
    decision, settlement, confirmation, establishment
  • 定年ていねん
    retirement age, years of service in a military rank before eligibility for promotion
  • 不安定ふあんてい
    instability, insecurity, crankiness
  • 推定すいてい
    presumption, assumption, estimation
  • 否定ひてい
    denial, negation, repudiation, disavowal, negation, NOT operation