10 strokes

harm, injury



Common words

  • 被害ひがい
    (suffering) damage, injury, harm
  • 障害しょうがい
    obstacle, impediment, hindrance, barrier, difficulty, disorder, defect, disability, handicap, impairment, dysfunction, steeplechase, obstacle race, steeplechase (athletics)
  • 災害さいがい
    calamity, disaster, misfortune
  • 損害そんがい
    damage, injury, loss
  • 公害こうがい
    pollution, public nuisance, contamination
  • 被害者ひがいしゃ
    victim, injured party, sufferer
  • 侵害しんがい
    infringement, violation, invasion, encroachment, trespass
  • 妨害ぼうがい
    obstruction, hindrance, blocking, disturbance, interference, interruption, jamming (a signal)
  • 弊害へいがい
    harmful effect, harmful influence, evil practice, abuse, malady
  • 利害りがい
    advantages and disadvantages, interests (of parties)
  • 有害ゆうがい
    harmful, hazardous
  • 傷害しょうがい
    injury, inflicting bodily injury
  • 加害者かがいしゃ
    perpetrator, wrong-doer, aggressor, assailant, offender
  • 水害すいがい
    water damage, flood disaster
  • 迫害はくがい
    persecution, oppression
  • がい
    injury, harm, evil influence, damage
  • 害虫がいちゅう
    harmful insect, noxious insect, vermin, pest
  • 危害きがい
    injury, harm, danger
  • 阻害そがい
    obstruction, impediment, hindrance, inhibition, blocking, check
  • 害するがいする
    to injure, to damage, to harm, to hurt, to kill, to hinder, to obstruct