10 strokes

house, home, family, professional, expert, performer



Common words

  • 国家こっか
    state, country, nation
  • 家庭かてい
    home, household, family, hearth
  • 家族かぞく
  • 政治家せいじか
    politician, statesman
  • 作家さっか
    author, writer, novelist, artist
  • 専門家せんもんか
    specialist, expert, professional, authority, pundit
  • 農家のうか
    farmer, farming family, farmhouse, School of Agrarianism (China), School of Agronomists
  • 一家いっか
    a family, a household, a home, one's family, whole family, (one's own) style, school, gang, (yakuza) family
  • 画家がか
    painter, artist
  • 家事かじ
    housework, domestic chores, family affairs, household matters
  • 家賃やちん
  • 実家じっか
    (one's parents') home
  • 家宅かたく
    domicile, premises
  • 家具かぐ
  • 家計かけい
    household economy, family finances
  • 家屋かおく
    house, building
  • 実業家じつぎょうか
    businessman, entrepreneur, captain of industry
  • 我が家わがや
    one's house, one's home, one's family
  • 家畜かちく
    domestic animals, livestock, cattle
  • 大家たいか
    master, expert, authority, leading figure, mansion, large house, rich family, distinguished family