10 strokes

contain, form, looks



Common words

  • 内容ないよう
    contents, content, substance, matter, detail, import
  • 容疑者ようぎしゃ
  • 容易ようい
    easy, simple, plain
  • 容器ようき
    container, receptacle, vessel, packaging
  • 収容しゅうよう
    accommodation, taking in, receiving, housing, seating, admission (of patients, students, etc.), imprisonment, detention, internment, containing (e.g. words in a dictionary), adding
  • 容量ようりょう
    capacity, volume, capacitance
  • 美容びよう
    beauty, good figure, (beautiful) appearance, (beautiful) features, beautification, beauty treatment, beauty culture, cosmetics
  • 許容きょよう
    permission, allowance, acceptance, tolerance, pardon
  • 寛容かんよう
    tolerance, open-mindedness, forbearance, generosity, magnanimity
  • 容積ようせき
    capacity, volume
  • 変容へんよう
    change in appearance, transformation
  • 容赦ようしゃ
    pardon, forgiveness, tolerance, overlooking, leniency, mercy, going easy (on someone)
  • 陣容じんよう
    battle formation, battle array, lineup (of a team, etc.), cast, staff, team structure
  • 容姿ようし
    (physical) appearance (of a person), one's face and figure
  • 美容院びよういん
    beauty parlour, beauty parlor, beauty salon, hairdressing salon
  • 形容詞けいようし
    adjective, i-adjective (in Japanese)
  • 形容けいよう
    description, expression (in words), qualification (e.g. of a noun with an adjective), modification, figurative expression, figure of speech, metaphor, form, figure, appearance
  • 包容力ほうようりょく
    tolerance, broad-mindedness