11 strokes

inn, lodging, relay station, dwell, lodge, be pregnant, home, dwelling



Common words

  • 宿泊しゅくはく
    accommodation, lodging
  • 合宿がっしゅく
    lodging together, training camp, boarding house
  • 宿やど
    lodging, inn, hotel, house, home, dwelling, home of a servant's parents (or guarantor, etc.)
  • 宿題しゅくだい
    homework, assignment, pending issue, unresolved problem, open question
  • 宿命しゅくめい
    fate, destiny, predestination
  • 下宿げしゅく
    boarding, lodging, board and lodging, room and board, boarding house, lodging house, lodgings
  • 民宿みんしゅく
    guest house, private home providing lodging for travelers, bed and breakfast, pension
  • 宿敵しゅくてき
    old enemy, longtime enemy, arch-enemy, traditional rival, longstanding foe
  • 寄宿舎きしゅくしゃ
    boarding house, residence hall, dormitory
  • 宿るやどる
    to dwell, to live, to remain, to stay at, to take shelter at, to stop at, to lodge at, to be pregnant, to be part of a constellation, to be a parasite (bugs, plants, etc.)
  • 宿屋やどや
  • 宿すやどす
    to house, to contain, to harbour (a feeling), to hold (e.g. dew on leaves), to carry (a baby), to be pregnant, to give lodging to, to accommodate
  • 国民宿舎こくみんしゅくしゃ
    inexpensive hotel operated by a local government