12 strokes

wealth, enrich, abundant



Common words

  • 豊富ほうふ
    abundant, plentiful, rich, ample
  • とみ
    riches, wealth, fortune, resources, lottery
  • 富士山ふじさん
    Mount Fuji, Mt. Fuji, Fujiyama, Fuji-san
  • 貧富ひんぷ
    wealth and poverty, rich and poor
  • 富裕ふゆう
    wealth, riches, affluence, opulence
  • 富豪ふごう
    wealthy person, millionaire
  • 富むとむ
    to be rich in, to abound in, to be abundant in, to be full of, to be rich, to be wealthy
  • 富貴ふうき
    riches and honours (honors), wealth and rank
  • 国富こくふ
    national wealth