9 strokes

specialty, exclusive, mainly, solely



Common words

  • 専門せんもん
    speciality, specialty, subject of study, expert, area of expertise
  • 専務せんむ
    special duty, being in sole charge of a duty, senior managing director, executive director
  • 専門家せんもんか
    specialist, expert, professional, authority, pundit
  • 専攻せんこう
    major subject, special study
  • 専用せんよう
    (one's) exclusive use, private use, personal use, dedicated use, use for a particular purpose, exclusive use (of particular products), using only (e.g. a certain brand), using solely
  • 専任せんにん
    full-time service
  • 専属せんぞく
    exclusive, attached to, specialist
  • 専売せんばい
    monopoly, monopolization, exclusive sales rights
  • 専制せんせい
    despotism, autocracy
  • 専らもっぱら
    wholly, solely, entirely, exclusively, devotedly, fixedly, principally, mostly, chiefly, mainly
  • 専念せんねん
    absorption, giving undivided attention, devoting oneself (to)
  • 専横せんおう
    arbitrariness, despotism, high-handedness, tyranny