4 strokes

few, little



Common words

  • 少しすこし
    a little, a bit, a small amount, a few, some, slightly, somewhat, a little while, a short time, a moment, a minute, a little way, a short distance
  • 少なくともすくなくとも
    at least
  • 少年しょうねん
    boy, juvenile, young boy, youth, lad
  • 減少げんしょう
    decrease, reduction, decline
  • 少数しょうすう
    small number, few, minority
  • 少女しょうじょ
    girl (usu. between 7 and 17), young lady, female between 17 and 20 years old (ritsuryō period)
  • 多少たしょう
    a little, some, somewhat, slightly, to some degree, to some extent, amount, quantity, number
  • 青少年せいしょうねん
    youth, young person
  • 少量しょうりょう
    small quantity, small amount, narrowmindedness
  • 少々しょうしょう
    just a minute, small quantity
  • 少なからずすくなからず
    considerably, not a little, in no small numbers
  • 少ないすくない
    few, a little, scarce, insufficient, seldom
  • 希少きしょう
    scarce, rare
  • 少佐しょうさ
    major, lieutenant commander, wing commander
  • 幼少ようしょう
    infancy, childhood, tender age
  • 少尉しょうい
    second lieutenant, sublieutenant, ensign