6 strokes

exhaust, use up, run out of, deplete, befriend, serve



Common words

  • 尽力じんりょく
    efforts, exertion, endeavour, assistance, services
  • 論じ尽くすろんじつくす
    to discuss fully, to discuss from every angle, to deal exhaustively with (an issue)
  • 尽くすつくす
    to use up, to exhaust, to run out of, to devote oneself (to), to do one's utmost (for), to serve, to work (for a cause), to do to exhaustion, to do completely, to do fully
  • 尽きるつきる
    to be used up, to be run out, to be exhausted, to be consumed, to come to an end
  • 無尽蔵むじんぞう
    inexhaustible supply