8 strokes

reside, to be, exist, live with



Common words

  • 芝居しばい
    play, drama
  • 居住きょじゅう
    residence, abode, dwelling
  • 皇居こうきょ
    Imperial Palace (of Japan), imperial residence
  • 居間いま
    living room (Western style), sitting room
  • 同居どうきょ
    living together, coexistence
  • 別居べっきょ
    separation, living separately, living apart
  • 居酒屋いざかや
    izakaya, Japanese bar that also serves various dishes and snacks
  • 居るおる
    to be (animate), to be, to exist, to be ..ing, to (have the audacity to) do
  • 鳥居とりい
    torii, Shinto shrine archway
  • 居合わせるいあわせる
    to happen to be present
  • 居眠りいねむり
    nodding off (while sitting), dozing
  • 隠居いんきょ
    retirement (from work), leading a quiet life (after retirement), retired person, retiree, surrendering headship of the family (pre-WWII)
  • 芝居小屋しばいごや
    playhouse, theatre, theater
  • 敷居しきい
    threshold (esp. one with grooves for sliding doors), sill
  • 長居ながい
    long visit, overstaying
  • 居候いそうろう
    lodger who pays nothing for room and board, freeloader, sponger