8 strokes

yield, bend, flinch, submit



Common words

  • 理屈りくつ
    theory, reason, logic, (unreasonable) argument, strained logic, excuse, pretext
  • 屈辱くつじょく
    disgrace, humiliation
  • 窮屈きゅうくつ
    narrow, tight, cramped, formal, stiff, strict, ceremonious, rigid, constrained, uncomfortable, tight (e.g. finances)
  • 不屈ふくつ
    persistence, fortitude, indomitability
  • 屈折くっせつ
    bending, curving, twisting, turning, winding, warping (of feelings, logic, etc.), distortion, twisting, refraction, inflection
  • 卑屈ひくつ
    servile, subservient, obsequious, slavish, self-abasing, grovelling, spineless
  • 退屈たいくつ
    tedious, boring, dull, uninteresting, tiresome, monotonous, to feel bored, to get bored (with), to get tired (of)