3 strokes




Common words

  • やま
    mountain, hill, mine (e.g. coal mine), heap, pile, crown (of a hat), thread (of a screw), tread (of a tire), protruding part of an object, high part, climax, peak, critical point, guess, speculation, gamble, criminal case, crime, mountain climbing, mountaineering, festival float (esp. one mounted with a decorative halberd), deck (of playing cards on table, face down, from which cards are drawn), stack, wall, wall tile, temple, temple grounds, wild
  • 火山かざん
  • 登山とざん
    mountain climbing, ascending a mountain, ascent
  • 山岳さんがく
    mountain chain, mountains
  • 小山こやま
    hill, knoll
  • 富士山ふじさん
    Mount Fuji, Mt. Fuji, Fujiyama, Fuji-san
  • 鉱山こうざん
    mine (ore)
  • 山頂さんちょう
    summit (of a mountain)
  • 山林さんりん
    mountain forest, forest on a mountain, montane forest, mountains and forest
  • 山荘さんそう
    mountain villa, mountain retreat, mountain cottage
  • 火山灰かざんばい
    volcanic ash
  • 山脈さんみゃく
    mountain range, mountain belt
  • 氷山ひょうざん
  • 下山げざん
    descending a mountain, descent
  • 山々やまやま
    (many) mountains, very much (wanting to do something one cannot), greatly, really, so many, a lot of
  • 山菜さんさい
    edible wild plants
  • 山登りやまのぼり
    mountain climbing, mountaineering
  • 山積さんせき
    piling up, accumulating, forming a (huge) pile, lying in piles
  • 山奥やまおく
    deep in the mountains, mountain recesses
  • 山男やまおとこ
    giant, woodsman, alpinist