6 strokes

patrol, go around, circumference



Common words

  • 巡査じゅんさ
    police officer, policeman, constable
  • 巡回じゅんかい
    going around, patrol, round, tour
  • 巡業じゅんぎょう
    provincial tour
  • 巡視じゅんし
    inspection tour
  • 巡礼じゅんれい
    pilgrimage, pilgrim
  • 巡航じゅんこう
    cruise, cruising
  • 巡るめぐる
    to go around, to make a circle around, to surround, to circle, to enclose, to come around (of a season, anniversary, turn, etc.), to return, to repeat, to circulate (of blood, money, etc.), to travel around, to make a tour of, to concern (a matter), to surround
  • お巡りさんおまわりさん
    police officer