5 strokes




Common words

  • ひだり
    left, left hand side
  • 左翼さよく
    left-wing (politics), left wing (of a bird, aircraft, formation, etc.), left flank, left field
  • 左右さゆう
    left and right, right and left, (asserting) control, influence, domination, one's attendants, people accompanying one, (serving at someone's) side, equivocation
  • 左派さは
    left wing
  • 左手ひだりて
    left hand, left-hand side, left-hand direction, (on) the left
  • 左側ひだりがわ
    left side, left-hand side
  • 左利きひだりきき
    left-handedness, left-handed person, left-hander, fondness for alcohol, person who is fond of alcohol, drinker
  • 左遷させん
    demotion, relegation, reduction in rank, degradation, downward move
  • 右往左往うおうさおう
    moving about in confusion, going every which way, going this way and that