5 strokes

market, city, town



Common words

  • 都市とし
    town, city, municipal, urban
  • 市場いちば
    (town) market, (street) market, marketplace
  • 市内しない
    in the city, within the city
  • 市民しみん
    citizen, citizenry, public, city inhabitant, townspeople, bourgeoisie, middle class
  • 市長しちょう
  • 市立しりつ
    municipal, city
  • 市町村しちょうそん
    cities, towns and villages, municipalities
  • 市況しきょう
    market conditions
  • 市役所しやくしょ
    municipal office, council, city hall
  • 市街しがい
    urban areas, the streets, town, city
  • 市販しはん
    putting on the market, putting on sale, making commercially available, commercial, off-the-shelf, store-bought, over-the-counter
  • 市政しせい
    municipal government
  • 市外しがい
    outside the city, suburbs
  • 市会しかい
    city council
  • 魚市場うおいちば
    fish market