3 strokes

dry, parch, ebb, recede, interfere, intercede



Common words

  • 若干じゃっかん
    some, few, a number of, a little (bit), somewhat, to a certain extent, many, a lot
  • 干渉かんしょう
    interference, intervention, meddling
  • 干潟ひがた
    tidal flat, tideland
  • 干すほす
    to air, to dry, to desiccate, to drain (off), to drink up, to deprive of a role, job, etc.
  • 梅干しうめぼし
    umeboshi, pickled dried ume, pickled dried plum
  • 干拓かんたく
    land reclamation (from sea)
  • 干満かんまん
    ebb and flow
  • 干るひる
    to dry (up), to become parched, to ebb, to recede
  • 物干しものほし
    frame for drying clothes, clotheshorse
  • 欄干らんかん
    railing, guard rail, handrail, banister, balustrade, parapet, (shining) brightly (of the moon or stars), (flowing) endlessly (of tears)
  • 潮干狩りしおひがり
    shell gathering (at low tide), clamming