6 strokes

year, counter for years



Common words

  • 前年ぜんねん
    the preceding year, the previous year, last year
  • 昨年さくねん
    last year
  • 今年ことし
    this year
  • 年間ねんかん
    (period of) a year, during the era (of)
  • 来年らいねん
    next year
  • 少年しょうねん
    boy, juvenile, young boy, youth, lad
  • 年齢ねんれい
    age, years
  • 一昨年おととし
    year before last
  • とし
    year, age, years, past one's prime, old age
  • 年生ねんせい
    nth-year student, nth-year pupil
  • 年金ねんきん
    annuity, pension
  • 年度ねんど
    fiscal year (usu. April 1 to March 31 in Japan), financial year, academic year, school year, product year
  • 青年せいねん
    youth, young man
  • 毎年まいとし
    every year, yearly, annually
  • 半年はんとし
    half a year, six months
  • 年末ねんまつ
  • 年寄りとしより
    old person, elderly person, senior citizen, trustee of the Japan Sumo Association, retired high-ranking wrestler who is licensed to coach and receives retirement pay, senior statesman (of the Tokugawa shogunate), important local official (under the Tokugawa Shogunate)
  • 長年ながねん
    long time, many years
  • 翌年よくねん
    following year
  • 定年ていねん
    retirement age, years of service in a military rank before eligibility for promotion