5 strokes

wide, broad, spacious




Common words

  • 広告こうこく
    advertisement, advertising, announcement, notice
  • 広いひろい
    spacious, vast, wide
  • 広場ひろば
    public square, square, plaza, piazza, forum, open space, clearing
  • 広げるひろげる
    to spread, to extend, to expand, to enlarge, to widen, to broaden, to unfold, to open, to unroll, to unwrap, to scatter about, to spread around, to make flourish, to cause to prosper
  • 広さひろさ
    area, extent, dimensions, size, width, breadth
  • 幅広いはばひろい
    extensive, wide, broad
  • 広大こうだい
    vast, extensive, immense, huge, large, grand, magnificent
  • 広範こうはん
    wide, extensive, comprehensive, far-reaching, widespread
  • 背広せびろ
    business suit
  • 広まるひろまる
    to spread, to be propagated
  • 広めるひろめる
    to spread, to propagate, to popularize, to disseminate, to broaden, to extend, to widen, to enlarge
  • 広がるひろがる
    to spread (out), to extend, to stretch, to reach to, to get around, to fill (e.g. a space)