6 strokes

style, ceremony, rite, function, method, system, form, expression



Common words

  • 株式かぶしき
    share (in a company), stock
  • 公式こうしき
    official, formal, formula (e.g. mathematical), official (social media) account (of a company, organization, etc.)
  • 正式せいしき
    due form, official, formality
  • 方式ほうしき
    form, method, system, formula
  • 形式けいしき
    form (as opposed to substance), format, form, style, manner, formality, form, mode, form, form (bilinear, quadratic, etc.)
  • 結婚式けっこんしき
    marriage ceremony, wedding, nuptials
  • 様式ようしき
    style, form, pattern
  • 儀式ぎしき
    ceremony, rite, ritual, service
  • 株式会社かぶしきがいしゃ
    stock company, corporation, kabushiki kaisha, KK
  • 葬式そうしき
  • 形式的けいしきてき
  • 日本式にほんしき
    Japanese style, Nihon-shiki romanization (of Japanese)
  • 旧式きゅうしき
    old type, old style
  • 方程式ほうていしき
    equation, formula, method for solving a problem, set way of achieving a particular result
  • 式辞しきじ
    ceremonial address
  • 洋式ようしき
    Western-style, foreign, Western-style toilet, flush toilet, water closet
  • 新式しんしき
    new form, new formula