12 strokes

bullet, twang, flip, snap



Common words

  • 爆弾ばくだん
    bomb, alcohol with liquor added (esp. wine-based shōchū highball, also beer with whiskey)
  • 弾圧だんあつ
    oppression, suppression, pressure
  • 弾力だんりょく
    elasticity, flexibility
  • 弾薬だんやく
    ammunition, ammo
  • 弾劾だんがい
    impeachment, denunciation, accusation, censure, arraignment
  • 弾丸だんがん
    bullet, shot, shell
  • 弾むはずむ
    to spring, to bound, to bounce, to be stimulated, to be encouraged, to get lively, to pay handsomely, to splurge, to part eagerly with (money, etc.), to breathe hard, to pant, to be out of breath
  • 糾弾きゅうだん
    censure, denunciation, (verbal) attack, blaming