7 strokes

shape, form, style



Common words

  • かたち
    form, shape, figure, visage
  • 形式けいしき
    form (as opposed to substance), format, form, style, manner, formality, form, mode, form, form (bilinear, quadratic, etc.)
  • 人形にんぎょう
    doll, puppet, marionette, puppet (person under the control of another), straw man, yes-man
  • 形成けいせい
    formation, molding, making (up), taking form, giving form to, repair (e.g. with plastic surgery), replacement, -plasty
  • 手形てがた
    draft, draught, promissory note, bill, handprint, signed hand-print
  • 円形えんけい
    round shape, circle, circular form
  • 地形ちけい
    terrain, geographical features, topography
  • 変形へんけい
    transformation, variation, metamorphosis, modification, deformation, variety, deformity, monster
  • 形式的けいしきてき
  • 原形げんけい
    original form, base form
  • 図形ずけい
    figure, shape, graphic
  • 三角形さんかくけい
  • 整形外科せいけいげか
    orthopedic surgery, orthopaedic surgery, orthopedics, orthopaedics, plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery
  • 固形こけい
    solid (body)
  • 長方形ちょうほうけい
    rectangle, oblong
  • 形容詞けいようし
    adjective, i-adjective (in Japanese)
  • 無形むけい
    abstract, immaterial, moral, spiritual, intangible
  • 形容けいよう
    description, expression (in words), qualification (e.g. of a noun with an adjective), modification, figurative expression, figure of speech, metaphor, form, figure, appearance
  • 正方形せいほうけい
  • 形見かたみ
    memento (esp. of a deceased person), keepsake, heirloom, remembrance, souvenir