11 strokes

coloring, paint, makeup



Common words

  • 色彩しきさい
    colour, color, hue, tints
  • 多彩たさい
    colourful, colorful, multicoloured, multicolored, varicoloured, varicolored, various, varied, variegated, diverse, a variety of, all kinds of
  • 彩るいろどる
    to colour, to color, to paint, to apply make-up, to decorate, to garnish, to adorn, to add flair
  • 水彩画すいさいが
    watercolor painting, watercolour painting
  • 彩色さいしき
    colouring, coloring, colouration, coloration, painting
  • 迷彩めいさい
    camouflage, disguise
  • 光彩こうさい
    brilliance, splendour, splendor, lustre, luster