7 strokes

intention, plan, resolve, aspire, motive, hopes, shilling



Common words

  • こころざし
    will, resolution, intention, ambition, aim, goal, kindness, goodwill, kind offer, gift (as a token of gratitude)
  • 志向しこう
    intention, aim, preference (for), orientation (towards a goal)
  • 同志どうし
    like-mindedness, (being of the) same mind, shared sentiment, comrade, fellow, kindred soul
  • 志願しがん
    aspiration, volunteering, desire, application
  • 志望しぼう
    wish, desire, ambition, choice
  • 有志ゆうし
    interested person, volunteer, supporter
  • 意志いし
    will, volition, intention, intent, determination
  • 志すこころざす
    to plan, to intend, to aspire to, to set aims (sights on)
  • 篤志家とくしか
    charitable person, philanthropist, volunteer, supporter