7 strokes

apply, answer, yes, OK, reply, accept




Common words

  • 対応たいおう
    correspondence (to), equivalence, suitability, coordination, matching, being appropriate (for), dealing with, coping with, handling, response, reception, reaction, compatibility (with technology, software, etc.), capability, support (for)
  • 応援おうえん
    aid, assistance, help, support, reinforcement, cheering, rooting (for), support
  • 応募おうぼ
    application, subscription, entry (competition, raffle, etc.), enlistment
  • 反応はんのう
    reaction, response
  • 応じるおうじる
    to respond, to satisfy, to accept, to comply with, to apply for
  • 一応いちおう
    more or less, though not quite satisfactorily, after a fashion, pretty much, roughly, so far as it goes, tentatively, for the time being, just in case, once
  • 応用おうよう
    (practical) application, putting to practical use, applied (e.g. physics, linguistics, research)
  • 適応てきおう
    adaptation, accommodation, conformity
  • 応答おうとう
    reply, answer, response
  • 応対おうたい
    dealing with (people, customers, complaints, etc.), receiving (callers, visitors, etc.), attending to, handling, serving
  • 応接おうせつ
    reception (e.g. of visitors), dealing with
  • 呼応こおう
    hailing each other, acting in concert, responding (to), sympathizing (with), agreement, concord
  • 応酬おうしゅう
    exchange (of words, views, punches, cups, etc.), give-and-take, reply, answer, response, reciprocation, retort, riposte, tit for tat
  • 相応そうおう
    suitable, appropriate, befitting, becoming, adequate, reasonable, proper, conjoining, association, samprayukta
  • 応ずるおうずる
    to answer, to respond, to meet, to satisfy, to accept
  • 順応じゅんのう
    adaptation, accommodation, conforming, adjustment, acclimatization, acclimatisation
  • 不相応ふそうおう
    unsuited, inappropriate, improper, undeserved
  • 応召おうしょう
    responding to a call-up for military service, answering a call-up