7 strokes

cheerful, pleasant, agreeable, comfortable



Common words

  • 快適かいてき
    pleasant, agreeable, comfortable
  • 軽快けいかい
    light (of movements), nimble, sprightly, springy, light-hearted, cheerful, buoyant, jaunty, casual (e.g. clothing), rhythmical (e.g. melody), taking a turn for the better (of an illness), receding of symptoms, recovery, convalescence
  • 不快ふかい
    displeasure, discomfort, unpleasantness, indisposition, ailment
  • 愉快ゆかい
    pleasant, delightful, enjoyable, joyful, cheerful, amusing, happy
  • 不愉快ふゆかい
    unpleasant, disagreeable, displeasing, uncomfortable, unhappy
  • 快速かいそく
    high speed, rapidity, rapid-service train (not as fast as express), rapid train
  • 快いこころよい
    pleasant, agreeable, comfortable, refreshing
  • 快晴かいせい
    clear weather, cloudless weather, good weather
  • 快楽かいらく
    pleasure, supreme pleasure obtained by freeing oneself from earthly desires
  • 快活かいかつ
    cheerful, lively, lighthearted