9 strokes

hurry, emergency, sudden, steep



Common words

  • きゅう
    sudden, abrupt, unexpected, urgent, pressing, steep, sharp, precipitous, rapid, swift, fast, emergency, crisis, danger, urgency, hurrying, haste, (in gagaku or noh) end of a song
  • 急速きゅうそく
    rapid (e.g. progress)
  • 急性きゅうせい
    acute (illness)
  • 急激きゅうげき
    sudden, abrupt, rapid, sharp, drastic, radical
  • 急増きゅうぞう
    rapid increase, proliferation, surge, explosion
  • 救急きゅうきゅう
    first-aid, emergency (aid)
  • 救急車きゅうきゅうしゃ
  • 特急とっきゅう
    limited express (train for which a limited-express ticket is required), limited express (train making a limited no. of stops), great hurry
  • 緩急かんきゅう
    high and low speed, fast and slow, pace, tempo, lenience and severity, emergency, crisis, dire situation
  • 性急せいきゅう
    hasty, rash, rushed, hurried, impatient, impetuous, quick-tempered
  • 急行きゅうこう
    hurrying (to somewhere), rushing, hastening, express (train)
  • 急ぐいそぐ
    to hurry, to rush, to hasten, to make something happen sooner
  • 至急しきゅう
    urgent, pressing, immediate, prompt, express, urgently, promptly, at once, right away, without delay, as soon as possible
  • 急病きゅうびょう
    sudden illness
  • 急変きゅうへん
    sudden turn, sudden change, (suddenly occurring) accident, emergency
  • 急逝きゅうせい
    sudden death
  • 急患きゅうかん
    emergency case
  • 急所きゅうしょ
    vital part (of the body), tender spot, weak point, vitals, key point, essential point, crux (of a problem), heart (of a matter), male crotch (as a target in fighting)
  • 危急ききゅう
    emergency, crisis, imminent danger, Vulnerable (conservation status), VU
  • 超特急ちょうとっきゅう
    super express