10 strokes

fear, dread, awe



Common words

  • 恐れおそれ
    fear, horror, anxiety, concern, uneasiness, reverence
  • 恐怖きょうふ
    fear, dread, dismay, terror, horror, scare, panic
  • 恐竜きょうりゅう
  • 恐喝きょうかつ
    blackmail, extortion, threat (to extort money)
  • 恐らくおそらく
    probably, (most) likely, in all likelihood, I suspect, I dare say, I'm afraid
  • 恐れるおそれる
    to fear, to be afraid of
  • 恐ろしいおそろしい
    terrible, dreadful, terrifying, frightening, surprising, startling, tremendous, amazing
  • 恐慌きょうこう
    panic, scare, alarm, panic, financial panic
  • 恐縮きょうしゅく
    feeling (much) obliged, being (very) grateful, being thankful, feeling sorry (for troubling someone), feeling ashamed (e.g. of an error), feeling embarrassed (e.g. by someone's compliments, hospitality, etc.), shrinking back in fear
  • 恐怖症きょうふしょう
    phobia, morbid fear
  • 恐る恐るおそるおそる
    fearfully, timidly, nervously, cautiously, gingerly