10 strokes

breath, respiration, son, interest (on money), nuture, rest, coming to an end



Common words

  • 息子むすこ
    son, penis
  • 利息りそく
    interest (on a loan, deposit, etc.)
  • 消息しょうそく
    news (from someone), letter, contact, (someone's) whereabouts, (someone's) movements
  • 窒息ちっそく
    suffocation, choking, asphyxia
  • 休息きゅうそく
    rest, relief, relaxation
  • 息切れいきぎれ
    shortness of breath, panting, puffing, running out of steam (of the economy, a project, etc.), losing momentum, loss of efficiency
  • 嘆息たんそく
    sigh (of grief, disappointment, etc.), grieving, lamenting, deploring