11 strokes

bad, vice, rascal, false, evil, wrong



Common words

  • 悪化あっか
    deterioration, getting worse, worsening, aggravation, degeneration, corruption
  • 最悪さいあく
    worst, horrible, horrid, awful, terrible, in the worst case, if worst comes to worst
  • 悪質あくしつ
    malicious, vicious, malignant, underhanded, shoddy, inferior, poor-quality, second-rate
  • 悪魔あくま
    devil, demon, fiend, Satan, the Devil, Māra, evil spirits or forces that hinder one's path to enlightenment
  • 悪口わるぐち
    slander, bad-mouthing, abuse, insult, speaking ill (of)
  • 悪循環あくじゅんかん
    vicious circle, vicious cycle
  • 悪夢あくむ
    nightmare, bad dream
  • 凶悪きょうあく
    atrocious, heinous, fiendish, brutal, vicious
  • 憎悪ぞうお
    hatred, abhorrence, loathing, detestation
  • 険悪けんあく
    dangerous, perilous, threatening, stormy, volatile, tense, critical, serious, stern (expression), hostile (attitude), sharp, harsh
  • 悪性あくせい
    malignant (cancer), virulent, pernicious (anemia, anaemia)
  • 劣悪れつあく
    inferior, coarse, poor quality, inadequate, deteriorated
  • 悪臭あくしゅう
    stink, bad odor, bad odour, stench
  • 嫌悪けんお
    disgust, hate, repugnance, loathing
  • 悪人あくにん
    bad person, villain, scoundrel, wrongdoer, wicked person
  • 悪者わるもの
    bad guy, villain, evildoer, scoundrel
  • 悪意あくい
    ill will, spite, evil intention, malice, bad meaning, mala fides, bad faith, criminal intent to deceive, malice
  • 悪女あくじょ
    wicked woman, ugly woman
  • 善悪ぜんあく
    right and wrong, good and evil
  • 悪事あくじ
    evil deed, wrongdoing, crime, vice, misfortune, calamity