11 strokes

feelings, emotion, passion, sympathy, circumstances, facts



Common words

  • 情勢じょうせい
    state of things, state of affairs, situation, conditions, circumstances
  • 事情じじょう
    circumstances, conditions, situation, reasons, state of affairs
  • 情報じょうほう
    information, news, report, intelligence, information (data contained in characters, signals, code, etc.)
  • 表情ひょうじょう
    facial expression, countenance, look, appearance, expression (vocal, etc.)
  • 感情かんじょう
    emotion, feeling, feelings, sentiment
  • 実情じつじょう
    real condition, actual circumstances, actual state of affairs
  • 苦情くじょう
    complaint, troubles, objection, grievance
  • 情熱じょうねつ
    passion, enthusiasm, zeal
  • 愛情あいじょう
    love, affection
  • じょう
    feelings, emotion, sentiment, compassion, sympathy, passion, affection, love, the way things really are, the actual situation
  • 友情ゆうじょう
    friendship, fellowship, camaraderie
  • 同情どうじょう
    sympathy, compassion, pity
  • 陳情ちんじょう
    petition, appeal
  • 人情にんじょう
    humanity, empathy, kindness, sympathy, human nature, common sense, customs and manners
  • 情緒じょうちょ
    emotion, feeling, atmosphere, mood, spirit
  • 詩情しじょう
    poetic sentiment, poetic interest, poetic inspiration
  • 無情むじょう
    heartlessness, hardness of heart, coldheartedness, cruelty, insentient, inanimate
  • 情けなさけ
    pity, sympathy, compassion, mercy, affection, love
  • 純情じゅんじょう
    pure heart, naivete, innocence
  • 強情ごうじょう
    obstinate, stubborn, headstrong