13 strokes

love, affection, favourite



Common words

  • あい
    love, affection, care, attachment, craving, desire, agape, Ireland
  • 恋愛れんあい
    love, love-making, passion, emotion, affections
  • 愛情あいじょう
    love, affection
  • 愛称あいしょう
    pet name, nickname, name used to indicate affection, intimacy, informality, etc.
  • 愛するあいする
    to love
  • 愛しいいとしい
    lovely, dear, beloved, darling, dearest, pitiable, pitiful
  • 愛着あいちゃく
    attachment (esp. to things), love, affection, fondness
  • 愛犬あいけん
    pet dog, beloved dog, love of dogs, fondness for dogs
  • 愛用あいよう
    favorite, favourite, habitually used
  • 愛読あいどく
    reading with pleasure
  • 愛想あいそ
    amiability, friendliness, affability, sociability, fondness (of someone), affection, liking, compliments, civilities, courtesies, flattery, hospitality, special treatment, entertainment, bill (at a restaurant), check
  • 愛憎あいぞう
    love and hate
  • 親愛しんあい
    deep affection, dear, beloved
  • 可愛いかわいい
    cute, adorable, charming, lovely, pretty, dear, precious, darling, pet, innocent, childlike, childish, lovable, dainty, little, tiny
  • 博愛はくあい
    charity, benevolence, philanthropy, (love for) humanity, fraternity, brotherhood, brotherly love, love of fellow man
  • 慈愛じあい
    affection (esp. parental), love, fondness