15 strokes

melancholy, grieve, lament, be anxious, sad, unhappy



Common words

  • 憂慮ゆうりょ
    anxiety, concern, fear
  • 一喜一憂いっきいちゆう
    alternating between happiness and anxiety, swinging between joy and sorrow, being glad and sad by turns, oscillating between optimism and pessimism
  • 憂き目うきめ
    bitter experience, misery, distress, grief, sad thoughts, hardship
  • 憂えるうれえる
    to worry about, to be anxious about, to be concerned about, to lament, to grieve, to feel sorrow for
  • 憂国ゆうこく
    patriotic concern for the future of one's country
  • 憂いうれい
    sorrow, grief, anguish, distress, anxiety, worry, trouble, affliction, fear, misgivings