16 strokes

feelings, heart, yearn, miss someone, become attached to, bosom, breast, pocket



Common words

  • ふところ
    inside the breast of one's clothing (esp. kimono), bosom, (breast) pocket, space between one's chest and outstretched arms, (one's) reach, heart (e.g. of a mountain), bosom (e.g. of nature), depths, inner part, mind, heart, inner thoughts, money (one is carrying), purse, pocketbook
  • 懐疑かいぎ
    doubt, skepticism, scepticism, disbelief
  • 懐かしいなつかしい
    dear (old), fondly-remembered, beloved, missed, nostalgic
  • 懐かしむなつかしむ
    to yearn for (someone, something), to miss
  • 懐中電灯かいちゅうでんとう
    (electric) torch, flashlight
  • 懐柔かいじゅう
    winning over, placation, gentle persuasion
  • 述懐じゅっかい
    speaking about (one's thoughts, memories, etc.), relating (one's feelings, reminiscences, etc.), recollection, reminiscence